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Malaria in India (Andra Pradesh)

05 July 2023

Media reports an increase in malaria cases in the Alluri Raju Sitarama district of Andhra Pradesh, India in the past 3 months. Rampachodavarm and Chintoor areas have reported an recent increase in malaria with 171 cases reported from tribal communities in the two areas; no deaths have been reported to date.

A variety of reasons were cited for this increase, including inadequate vector control and reduced access to medical care. In addition, monsoon season has also begun in Andhra Pradesh; which increases risk of malaria transmission.

Advice to travellers

While higher than expected cases of malaria continue to be reported, travellers to this area should:

Travellers returning from malarious areas should seek prompt medical advice if they develop a fever during travel or on their return, ensuring they highlight their potential exposure to malaria.

See the TRAVAX Malaria section for further information.