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01 Aug 2017 - Changes to the Bolivia Malaria Map and Advice

The malaria advice and map for Bolivia has recently been updated. This is following consideration by the Scottish Malaria Advisory Group (SMAG) after an extensive trawl of the available data.

Malaria risk is due predominantly to P.vivax throughout the year in all areas below 2500m. P. falciparum malaria exists in the departments of northern Beni and Pando (especially in the localities of Guayaramerin and Riberalta). In eastern and western parts of Beni and in Nor Cinti province in the south risk is not high enough to warrant chemoprophylaxis for most travellers, however, it may be considered for certain groups who may be at higher risk. There is low to no risk in all other areas. P. falciparum resistance to chloroquine is reported.

Please see the malaria section of the Bolivia country record for further details.


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