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WHO updates classification of countries at risk of Zika virus

In May 2015, Brazil announced an outbreak of Zika virus, a mosquito borne flavivirus infection.  Since then the virus has spread widely throughout the Americas and has been reported in Africa, Asia and in travellers returning to Europe.  The epidemiology of Zika virus infection continues to evolve, and to reflect the changing nature of the epidemic the WHO announced on 10th March 2017 an updated classification of countries at risk of Zika viruslink, including those where the principal vector Aedes aegypti is present, but are not yet known to have Zika virus circulating.

The Travel and International Health team of Health Protection Scotland are currently assessing the new classification scheme in order to amend the national guidance for those travelling to Zika affected countries.  Further updates will be posted when this assessment process is complete.


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